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wicket_25577 [userpic]

34 icons + 3 banners

le 29 septembre 2009 (01:02)

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Hi !
I know, it's been two months since i promised you to post more frequently, but i was busy ! lol
So, i come today for giving you some icons and banners.

[1-16] Fringe
[17-19] Criminal Minds
[20-24] Heroes
[25-26] Ghost Whisperer
[27-33] The Magnificent Seven
[34] Children of the Corn
[+ 3 banners] Criminal Minds

- If you want textless icons, send me a message
- Credit [info]wicket_25577 or Try Again
- Comments are very welcome :)

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wicket_25577 [userpic]

new version

le 27 juillet 2009 (02:48)

current mood: good
current song: Michael Bolton - Go the distance

It's a new start for my Livejournal. I left it aside for a moment but I'm decided to post again.
So i installed a new layout with David Anders, Matthew Gray Gubler, Masi Oka and Joshua Jackson. Hope you will like it ^^

wicket_25577 [userpic]

Icon tutorial

le 10 mai 2009 (04:48)

current mood: nostalgic
current song: The Who - Baba O'Riley

Ce post sera réservé aux tutoriaux que je posterais. Il seront exclusivement sur PhotoFiltre Studio, et en français. Il vous suffit de cliquer sur une icône pour accéder au tuto correspondant ;)
Gardez le lien de cette entrée dans vos favoris, elle sera édité à chaque fois que je posterais un tutoriel...

wicket_25577 [userpic]

new version

le 30 janvier 2009 (22:52)

current mood: artistic

New layout with the show ANGEL

I'll post a lot of icons later ;)

wicket_25577 [userpic]

40 icons + 1 signature

Hi ! I made some icons this last days, so I post them for you ;)
And one more time... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


1 - 17 Jensen Ackles (included two with Jared Padalecki)
18 David Anders
19 Masi Oka & Matt Dallas

tv shows
1 - 3 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
4 Gilmore Girls
5 - 14 Heroes
15 The Magnificent Seven

1 - 2 The Magnificent Seven
3 - 6 Dinotopia

tv shows
1 Heroes

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wicket_25577 [userpic]

new version

le 22 décembre 2008 (21:12)

current mood: peaceful
current song: Westlife - I Have A Dream

New layout with THE GRINCH

I think i don't post any entry until the new year so i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ;)

wicket_25577 [userpic]

55 icons + 14 signatures


1 BoA Kwon
1 Lifehouse

tv shows
8 Alias
10 Angel (mostly Fred)
20 Heroes
4 Kyle XY + 1 animated
4 Touched by an angel

4 The Revenant
1 The Grinch

3 Alias
2 Angel
6 Heroes
1 The Grinch
1 The Revenant

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wicket_25577 [userpic]

Bienvenue !

le 03 novembre 2008 (01:40)

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current song: Lifehouse - You and me

Bienvenue sur mon LiveJournal !
Tout d'abord, voici une présentation rapide : je m'appelle Myriam-Déborah (Mymi / Samounette), j'ai 16ans, j'habite en France (malheureusement) et je suis fan de Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Heroes, BoA Kwon, Lifehouse, etc... Beaucoup de choses ^^
Ce LJ me servira à poster diverses créations, puisque je fais du graphisme depuis maintenant plus de quatre ans. Mais je ne posterais pas que des icons, il y aura aussi des avatars, des kits, etc... Inutile de préciser que si vous prenez quelque chose, vous devrez me créditer en tant que wicket25577 ou bien Try Again (mon autre pseudo).

Je vous souhaite une bonne visite et j'espère que vous trouverez votre bonheur parmi mes créations (:

Welcome to my LiveJournal !
First of all, this is a fast presentation : my name is Myriam-Déborah (Mymi / Samounette), i'm 16, i live in France (unfortunately) and i'm a fan of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Heroes, BoA Kwon, Lifehouse, etc... A lot of things ^^
This LJ will serve me for posting diverse creations, because I make graphics since more than four years. But i wouldn't post just icons, there'll be also avatars, kits, etc.... Useless to clarify that if you take something, you'll have to credit me as wicket25577 or Try Again (my other pseudo).

I wish you a good visit and i hope that you'll find your happiness among my creations (:

(Sorry, but i'm not very good in English =S)

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